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From streaming to broadcast, here are the new and returning TV shows worth watching.

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  • 6 Fri

    12:00am (Netflix)

    Anne with an 'E' Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    The story of Anne Shirley, an imaginative, strong-willed orphan who transforms the lives of those she encounters after being sent to live with elderly siblings on Prince Edward Island in 1890.

  • 12:00am (Netflix)

    Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    Interview series featuring comedians driving in classic cars to get coffee.

  • 12:00am (Netflix)

    Somebody Feed Phil Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    Phil Rosenthal circle the globe to experience local culture and cuisine.

  • 8 Sun

    09:00pm (HBO)

    Sharp Objects Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    Based on Gillian Flynn's best-selling novel of the same name, Sharp Objects stars Amy Adams as a reporter who returns to her hometown to cover the murder of a young girl and the mysterious disappearance of another. As she tries to put together a puzzle from her own past, she will also find herself identifying with the victims just a bit too closely. Directed by Jean-Marc Vallée, the eight-episode limited series was developed for TV by Marti Noxon. Patricia Clarkson, Chris Messina, Eliza Scanlen, Elizabeth Perkins, Matt Craven and Henry Czerny also star.

  • 10 Tue

    08:00pm (The CW)

    The Outpost Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    One of two acquisitions airing on The CW this summer, The Outpost is a new 10-episode fantasy series. It follows Talon (Jessica Green, Ash vs Evil Dead), the lone survivor of a race called Blackbloods, as she tracks down the mercenaries who murdered her entire village. The series finds her traveling to a fortress on the edge of the civilized world. Along the way she discovers she has supernatural powers that she'll have to learn to control if she wants to save herself and defeat a religious dictator.

  • 11 Wed

    12:00am (Hulu)

    Harlots Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    A drama that centers on a brothel owner in 18th-century London as she struggles to raise her daughters while battling a ruthless rival madam.

  • 08:00pm (The CW)

    Burden of Truth Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    A Canadian import that has already aired up north, Burden of Truth stars CW favorite Kristin Kreuk (Smallville, Beauty and the Beast) as a hotshot lawyer who returns to her hometown to take on what she thinks is a simple case but soon finds herself embroiled in something much bigger. Peter Mooney, Alex Carter, Benjamin Ayres, Nicola Correia-Damude, Meegwun Fairbrother and Star Slade also star.

  • 08:00pm (CBS)

    TKO: Total Knock Out Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    An obstacle course competition.

  • 12 Thu

    12:00am (WGN America)

    The Disappearance Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    The disappearance of a young boy during a treasure hunt organized by his grandfather (Peter Coyote) reveals a deep mystery and threatens to shatter a family and the small community in which they live in this six-part limited series. Aden Young (Rectify) and Camille Sullivan (The Man in the High Castle) star as the young boy's parents.

  • 15 Sun

    12:00am (Netflix)

    The Joel McHale Show With Joel McHale Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    A look at pop culture around the world features celebrity guests, comedy sketches and video clips.

  • 19 Thu

    09:00pm (NBC)

    Trial & Error: Lady Killer Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    A young New York City lawyer heads to a small Southern town to defend an eccentric poetry professor who's accused of murdering his beloved wife.

  • 10:00pm (FX)

    Snowfall Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    Drama series set against the early days of the crack-cocaine epidemic.

  • 20 Fri

    09:00pm (Syfy)

    Wynonna Earp Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    Wyatt Earp's great granddaughter brings the paranormal to justice in this supernatural series based on the IDW Publishing comic created by Beau Smith.

  • 10:00pm (Cinemax)

    Outcast Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    A young man deals with demonic possession that has plagued him all his life.

  • 10:00pm (Syfy)

    Killjoys Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    Warrants are served by a fun-loving, hard-living trio of interplanetary bounty hunters.

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    Wednesday 25th, 12:00am (Hulu)

    Castle Rock

    Set in the Stephen King multiverse, Castle Rock is a psychological horror series from co-creators Sam Shaw and Dustin Thomason (Manhattan). The series, which is produced by J.J. Abrams, is set in Maine, obviously, and weaves together an "epic saga of darkness and light," according to the short logline Hulu has released. The first season follows Henry (André Holland), a death-row attorney who returns to his hometown after fleeing it years earlier following an accident, of which Henry has no memory, that left his father dead and him the sole suspect. The reason for Henry's return is equally odd: an inmate (Bill Skarsgard) known only as The Kid has been discovered in a cage deep beneath the state penitentiary, and he asks for Henry, and only Henry. What does it mean??? The series also stars Sissy Spacek, Melanie Lynskey, Scott Glenn, Jane Levy, and Terry O'Quinn.

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  • 31 Tue

    12:00am (Hulu)

    Casual Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    A bachelor and his divorced sister raise a teenager together and support each other through the trials of the dating world in this dramatic comedy.

  • 1 Wed

    10:00pm (USA)

    The Sinner Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    A crime thriller about a young mother who commits a public act of violence and the investigator who attempts to learn why.

  • 2 Thu

    10:00pm (AT&T/DirecTV Audience Network)

    Mr. Mercedes Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    A retired police detective takes it upon himself to bring a demented killer to justice.

  • Monday 6th, 09:00pm (AMC)

    Better Call Saul

    The evolution of "Breaking Bad" lawyer Saul Goodman is the focus of this prequel to the hit series.

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  • 10:00pm (AMC)

    Lodge 49 Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    An ex-surfer joins a fraternal order in Long Beach in hopes of returning to a simpler lifestyle he hasn't known since his father's death.

  • 7 Tue

    08:00pm (ABC)

    Bachelor in Paradise Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    Former contenders from "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" get a second chance at love as they explore new relationships in an isolated Mexican locale.

  • 10 Fri

    12:00am (Netflix)

    All About the Washingtons Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    An autobiographical family sitcom, All About the Washingtons stars Rev Run, aka Joseph Simmons, and his wife Justine Simmons as fictionalized versions of themselves. After Joey retires from a long hip-hop career, Justine decides to pursue a career of her own since Joey is now available to raise the kids, played by Kiana Ledé, Nathan Anderson, Leah Rose Randall and Maceo Smedley.

  • 12 Sun

    10:00pm (HBO)

    Ballers Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    The lives of current and former NFL players aren't as glamorous as they seem in this comedy-drama that focuses on a retired defensive end who looks out for his friends' financial stability and personal well-being.

  • 10:30pm (HBO)

    Insecure Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    Two black women who are best friends navigate the pitfalls of their personal and professional lives in south Los Angeles.

  • 17 Fri

    12:00am (Netflix)

    Disenchantment Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    Set within the crumbling medieval kingdom of Dreamland, Disenchantment. follows the misadventures of a hard-drinking young princess named Bean (voiced by Abbi Jacobson), her feisty elf companion Elfo (Nat Faxon), and her personal demon Luci (Eric Andre). Along the way, the trio encounter ogres, sprites, harpies, imps, trolls, walruses, and lots of human fools. Matt Groening and Josh Weinstein (The Simpsons, Futurama) serve as executive producers.

  • 24 Fri

    12:01am (Netflix)

    The Innocents Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    Teenagers and star-crossed lovers Harry (Percelle Ascott) and June (Sorcha Groundsell) run away from their repressive families in this new supernatural Netflix series, but their escape is derailed by the discovery that June is actually a shape-shifter. Whoops! As both teens struggle with this newfound information, a mysterious professor played by Guy Pearce reveals to June that she is not alone. He promises he can cure her and reunite her with the mother who deserted her, but as June's journey becomes more and more dangerous, her relationship with Harry will also be tested to the breaking point.

  • 4 Tue
  • 5 Wed

    10:00pm (FXX)

    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    Seriously dark comedy about four dissolute friends who run a struggling pub in Philadelphia. Dennis, Dee, Mac and Charlie are absolutely (even gleefully) amoral. They're 'Seinfeld' characters on steroids, clowning their way through story lines that 'Seinfeld' writers wouldn't have touched.

  • 9 Sun

    08:00pm (Fox)

    Rel Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    A multi-camera comedy, REL stars Lil Rel Howery as a loving husband and father living in Chicago who finds out his wife is having an affair. The show will see him attempt to rebuild his life as a single father following his divorce.

  • 14 Fri

    12:00am (Netflix)

    BoJack Horseman Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    A former sitcom star attempts to restart his career.

  • 21 Fri

    12:00am (Netflix)

    The Good Cop Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    Tony Danza stars in The Good Cop as Tony Sr., a disgraced, former NYPD officer who never followed the rules. He lives with his son, Tony Jr., who's his exact opposite. Jr. is an earnest and obsessively honest detective who always follows the rules. The series sees them become unofficial partners as Sr. offers Jr. blunt, street-wise advice on everything.

  • 23 Sun

    08:00pm (Fox)

    9-1-1 Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    A fast-paced procedural that delves into the lives and careers of first responders who must balance saving others while dealing with issues in their own lives.

  • 24 Mon

    08:00pm (Fox)

    The Resident Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    Medical drama about a resident physicians learning the ropes and dealing with the good and bad in practicing medicine.

  • 08:00pm (NBC)

    The Voice Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    Singers square off for a coveted recording contract in this reality talent contest from the producers of "Big Brother" and "Survivor." Four vocal coaches mentor the contestants in three distinct competition phases: the blind auditions (during which the coaches can't see a contestant and thereby judge them solely on their vocal talent); the battle phase (in which the contestants are advised and developed); and, lastly, the live-performance phase.

  • 10:00pm (NBC)

    Manifest Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    Like Lost but not, Manifest follows what happens when the crew and passengers of a turbulent flight discover upon landing that five years have passed instead of only a few hours. As they adjust to this new reality, it soon becomes clear that a deeper mystery is unfolding and some of the passengers come to realize they may be meant for something greater than they ever thought possible.

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  • 25 Tue

    08:00pm (Fox)

    The Gifted Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    A family adventure series that follows a suburban couple whose ordinary lives are rocked by the discovery that their teenage children possess mutant powers.

  • 09:00pm (Fox)

    Lethal Weapon Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    A Texas cop relocates to L.A. in order to start life anew; and is partnered with an LAPD detective who—due to a "minor" heart attack—must avoid stress.

  • Tuesday 25th, 09:00pm (NBC)

    This Is Us

    The story of a family whose three same-aged siblings struggle in unique ways throughout their lives is chronicled in this dramedy.

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  • 10:00pm (NBC)

    New Amsterdam Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    Inspired by Bellevue, the oldest public hospital in America, this new drama follows the institution's newest medical director as he sets out to tear up the bureaucracy and provide exceptional care. Brilliant and charming, he disrupts the status quo and proves he will stop at nothing to breathe new life into an understaffed, underfunded and under-appreciated hospital.

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  • 26 Wed

    08:00pm (NBC)

    Chicago Med Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    Hospital dramas play out in a state-of-the-art trauma center in this "Chicago Fire" spin-off, which delves into the lives of its doctors, nurses and staff.

  • 08:00pm (Fox)

    Empire Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    A music mogul plans for the future of his empire as his three sons and his ex-wife battle each other to become the next heir apparent to the hip-hop throne.

  • 09:00pm (NBC)

    Chicago Fire Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    A drama series following the firefighters, paramedics and rescue squad of Chicago Firehouse 51.

  • 09:00pm (Fox)

    Star Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    Drama about three young women who form a group and battle to make a splash in the music industry.

  • 10:00pm (NBC)

    Chicago P.D. Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    A 'Chicago Fire' spin-off following the men and women of the Chicago Police Department.

  • 27 Thu

    07:30pm (Fox)

    Thursday Night Football Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    The NFL's package of prime-time games that debuted in the 2006 season.

  • 08:00pm (NBC)

    The Good Place Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    The beloved comedy starring Kristen Bell and Ted Danson returns with a special one-hour premiere at 8/7c on Thursday, Sept. 27 before moving to its normal Thursdays at 8:30/7:30c timeslot the following week.

  • 09:00pm (NBC)

    Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    Sexual assaults, domestic disputes and kidnappings are often the primary focus of this crime show, which follows New York City detectives working in a specialized division within the police department. The first spin-off of "Law & Order," this series has featured many high-profile guest stars. Richard Belzer brought his character from "Homicide: Life on the Street," Det. John Munch, to the show after the cancellation of the Baltimore-based series.

  • 28 Fri

    08:00pm (Fox)

    Last Man Standing Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    A fan-favorite for six seasons, Last Man Standing comes to Fox this fall. It stars Tim Allen as a married father of three girls who tries to maintain his manliness, despite being surrounded by women.

  • 08:30pm (Fox)

    The Cool Kids Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    From It's Always Sunny's Charlie Day, The Cool Kids is a multi-camera comedy that follows a rag-tag group of friends living in a retirement community who are willing to break every rule in order to have fun. You see, at their age, they really have nothing to lose. It stars stars David Alan Grief, Martin Mull, Leslie Jordan and Vicki Lawrence.

  • 09:00pm (Fox)

    Hell's Kitchen Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    Reality fare in which renowned chef Gordon Ramsay tutors—and taunts—aspiring restaurateurs who are competing for the chance to launch their own eatery. Based on a British series of the same name.

  • 10:00pm (NBC)

    Dateline NBC Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    NBC's durable newsmagazine, featuring a mix of investigations, news updates and interviews.

  • 30 Sun

    08:00pm (Fox)

    The Simpsons Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    Matt Groening's subversive, animated satire about Springfield's hapless first family became a cult favorite when it premiered on Fox in 1989 after first being seen in 1987 as a short on 'The Tracey Ullman Show.' That was then; now it's TV longest running comedy. Not since 'The Flintstones' in the '60s has a cartoon series drawn such a large adult audience, and, ay caramba, given us pop-culture expressions for the ages. And in 1999, Time magazine called it the best TV show of the 20th century.

  • 08:30pm (Fox)

    Bob's Burgers Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    Following a hamburger restaurateur and his quirky family in this animated sitcom.

  • 09:00pm (Fox)

    Family Guy Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    Animated antics of the constantly grousing Griffins, a family that put some fun in dysfunctional. While dad Peter is a tad dim and lazy, mom Lois is none of the above. Then there are hapless teens Meg and Chris; sassy baby Stewie, who's wise (and a wise guy) beyond his years; and family dog Brian, who might be the smartest of the lot. Series creator Seth MacFarlane voices many of the regular characters. In 2002, Fox dumped the show, but revived it in 2005 after it became a top-selling DVD.

  • 4 Thu

    08:00pm (NBC)

    Superstore Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    High jinks at a megastore come to the fore in this workplace comedy.

  • 09:00pm (NBC)

    Will & Grace Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    A reboot of the snappy hit about a straight woman and a gay man who are best friends.

  • 09:30pm (NBC)

    I Feel Bad Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    From executive producer Amy Poehler, I Feel Bad is a comedy about being perfectly OK with being imperfect. You see, it follows a mom, boss, wife, friend and daughter who is still figuring it out like the rest of us. She feels bad (get it?) when she has a sexy dream about someone other than her husband, or when she pretends not to know her kids when they misbehave in public, or when she uses her staff to help solve personal problems. But it's OK because nobody can have it all and do it perfectly.

  • 9 Tue

    08:00pm (The CW)

    The Flash Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    Scientist Barry Allen acquires super speed through a freak accident and becomes known as the Fastest Man Alive in this adaptation of the DC Comics character the Flash.

  • 09:00pm (The CW)

    Black Lightning Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    A retired superhero is drawn back into his old lifestyle when his daughter seeks to serve justice to evil-doers. Based on the DC Comics series.

  • 10 Wed

    08:00pm (The CW)

    Riverdale Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    Drama based on characters from the Archie comic-books series is set in Riverdale, where aspiring musician Archie deals with life, love and high school.

  • 09:00pm (The CW)

    All American Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    Inspired by the life of NFL player Spencer Paysinger and produced by Greg Berlanti (Riverdale, the Arrowverse), All American follows a rising football player from Compton who is recruited to play for Beverly Hills. The series will follow his journey as he navigates two worlds, the south side neighborhood he grew up in and the affluent world that has offered him an increasingly bright future.

  • 11 Thu

    08:00pm (The CW)

    Supernatural Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    Two brothers hunt demons, ghosts and other supernatural entities as they investigate crimes caused by paranormal forces.

  • 12 Fri

    08:00pm (The CW)

    Dynasty Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    A reboot of the sudsy drama about two wealthy families feuding over their fortune and children.

  • 08:00pm (NBC)

    Blindspot Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    An unidentified woman with amnesia is found covered with tattoos, and the FBI soon realize that each mark on her body reveals a crime to be solved.

  • 09:00pm (The CW)

    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    A woman gives up her prestigious job and upscale Manhattan apartment to search for love in California.

  • 14 Sun

    08:00pm (The CW)

    Supergirl Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    At 24, Kara Zor-El decides the time has come to embrace her superhuman abilities and fulfill her destiny as a hero in this drama based on the DC Comics character Supergirl.

  • 09:00pm (The CW)

    Charmed Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    Based on the original series of the same name that ran on The WB from 1998 until 2006, Charmed follows three sisters who discover they're witches. However, it's not as simple as that: after the shocking and unexpected death of their mother, sisters Mel and Maggie are thrown for a loop when they learn they have a long-lost sister named Macy. With emotions running high, the girls begin to exhibit special abilities: Mel discovers she can freeze time, Maggie starts hearing others' thoughts, and Macy now has telekinetic powers. Along for the ride is Harry Greenwood, their "whitelighter," who serves as a witch's guide and advisor.

  • 15 Mon

    08:00pm (The CW)

    Arrow Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    A billionaire playboy and expert archer becomes a vigilante who is out to right the wrongs created by his family and restore his beloved city back to its former glory after being shipwrecked for five years on a remote island.

  • 22 Mon

    09:00pm (The CW)

    DC's Legends of Tomorrow Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    A time-traveling rogue assembles a group of heroes and villains to prevent the world's destruction.

  • 25 Thu

    09:00pm (The CW)

    Legacies Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    You really can't kill these folks. A spin-off of The Originals (which was a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries), Legacies hails from Julie Plec and follows Klaus's daughter, the 17-year-old Hope Mikaelson, as she attends The Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted in Mystic Falls. Yes, you can expect to see Alaric Saltzman as well as his twins in this new show.

  • TBD


    The Kids Are Alright Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    Inspired by writer and executive producer Tim Doyle's own childhood, The Kids Are Alright follows a traditional Irish-Catholic family in the 1970s as they attempt to navigate both big and small changes during one of the most turbulent decades in American history. Times are changing and the family will never be the same. There are 10 people, three bedrooms, one bathroom and everyone in it for themselves.

  • Fox

    Proven Innocent Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    From Danny Strong, this emotional new drama follows one woman's fight in the name of the innocence. Proven Innocent follows an underdog criminal defense firm led by a fierce and uncompromising lawyer who was wrongfully convicted in a sensational murder case that made her an infamous media obsession and a household name.

  • Fox

    The Passage Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    Based on Justin Cronin's best-selling trilogy of the same name, The Passage is a new thriller that centers on a secret medical facility where scientists are experimenting with a dangerous virus that could lead to the cure for all disease but also carries the potential to wipe out the human race. No biggie! When a young girl is chosen to be a test subject, a federal agent is tasked with bringing her in, but he ultimately becomes a surrogate father to the young girl and finds himself determined to protect her at all costs.

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  • CBS

    The Neighborhood Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    The Neighborhood is built upon the stereotype that everyone from the Midwest is super friendly, as it follows what happens when the "friendliest guy in the Midwest" moves his family to a neighborhood in LA where not everyone looks like him or appreciates his extreme neighborliness. Naturally, an opinionated neighbor is wary of the entire situation, certain the new folks will disrupt the culture on the block. Everyone will probably be learning some interesting lessons here.

  • CBS

    The Code Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    The military's brightest minds take on the country's toughest legal challenges in the The Code, a new drama set in the only law office in the world where every attorney is trained as a prosecutor, a defense lawyer, an investigator, and a Marine. Maybe don't mess with these folks.

  • ABC

    Whiskey Cavalier Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    Starring Scott Foley and Lauren Cohan, Whiskey Cavalier is a high-octane, action dramedy that follows the adventures of tough but tender FBI super-agent Will Chase (codename: "Whiskey Cavalier") who is assigned to work with badass CIA operative Francesca "Frankie" Trowbridge (codename: "Fiery Tribune"). Together, they lead an inter-agency team of flawed, funny and heroic spies who periodically save the world while navigating the rocky roads of friendship, romance and office politics.

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  • NBC

    The InBetween Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    The InBetween follows a woman – let's call her a ghost whisperer – who can see and communicate with the dead. She helps them with their unresolved problems whether she wants to or not. She is recruited by a longtime detective friend and a former FBI agent, with whom she helps to solve some of the city's most challenging cases.

  • NBC

    Abby's Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    From the producers of The Good Place comes this comedy about the best bar in San Diego. It doesn't matter if it's unlicensed and nestled in the backyard of a woman named Abby, because it's the opposite of everything that is annoying about today's party scene.

  • The CW

    Roswell, New Mexico Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    Based on Melinda Metz's Roswell High books (the same books that inspired The WB/UPN series Roswell), this new series follows Liz Ortecho, a biomedical researcher and the daughter of undocumented immigrants who returns home after 10 years away. She finds herself reconnecting with her teenage crush, the incredibly good looking police officer Max Evans, but she soon discovers a shocking truth: he is an alien. You probably know where this one is going next.

  • NBC

    The Gilded Age Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    From the creator of Downton Abbey comes this 10-episodes series set in 1880s New York City, a period of immense social upheaval in which huge fortunes were made and lost and palaces spanned the length of Fifth Avenue. The series follows the wide-eyed young scion of a conservative family who embarks on a quest to infiltrate a wealthy neighboring family led by a ruthless railroad tycoon and his ambitious wife, whose "new money" is a barrier to acceptance by the Astor and Vanderbilt set. Oh, and there's also a rakish and single son, in case you were wondering about that sort of thing.

  • NBC

    The Enemy Within Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    Described as a "spy-hunting thriller," The Enemy Within follows a brilliant former CIA operative-turned-notorious traitor who is recruited by an FBI agent to help track down a bunch of dangerous and elusive criminals she knows all too well.

  • NBC

    The Village Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    The Village is like Melrose Place if Melrose Place wasn't totally insane and everyone who lived in the apartment complex actually liked each other. Set in a Brooklyn apartment building, the emotional drama follows the inhabitants of said building who have become a bonded family of friends and neighbors. Basically: think This Is Us but neighbors instead of a single family.

  • ABC

    Grand Hotel Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    Based on the Spanish series and executive-produced by Eva Longoria, Grand Hotel is a bold and provocative new drama set at the last family-owned hotel in Miami Beach. The antics of the charismatic owner's glamorous second wife and adult children butt against those of the hotel staff, creating a contemporary take on the upstairs/downstairs story. Of course, things aren't as wonderful as they appear: scandals, debt and explosive secrets hide beneath a picture-perfect exterior.

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  • ABC

    A Million Little Things Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    A Million Little Things follows a group of friends from Boston who bonded under unexpected circumstances: they were stuck in an elevator together. Some have achieved success, others are struggling in their careers and relationships, but all of them feel stuck in life. After one of them dies unexpectedly, it's just the wake-up call the others need to finally start living. Along the way, they discover that friends may be the one thing to save them from themselves.

  • CBS

    Happy Together Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    Damon Wayans Jr. and Amber Stevens West star in this a comedy about a happily married couple who begin to reconnect with their younger, cooler selves when an exuberant young pop star drawn to their super-ordinary suburban life, unexpectedly moves in with them. Yes, really.

  • ABC

    Schooled Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    A spin-off of The Goldbergs, Schooled is set in the 1990s and follows the faculty of William Penn Academy – led by Principal Glascott, Coach Mellor and Lainey Lewis – who, despite their eccentricities and crazy personal lives, are heroes to their students.

  • Fox

    Showtime at the Apollo Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    Performers with various talents compete in hopes of winning over the Apollo crowd and having the opportunity to come back in the season finale for a chance at headlining their very own show at the legendary Apollo Theater.

  • ABC

    The Fix Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    After losing the biggest case of her career and being shredded by the media, former prosecutor Maya Travis has left Los Angeles for a quiet life in rural Oregon. Eight years after her devastating defeat, the murderer strikes again, forcing Maya to return to L.A. to confront him one more time. Will she play by the rules, or will she do whatever it takes to get him behind bars?

  • The CW

    In the Dark Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    From Corinne Kingsbury, Ben Stiller and Michael Showalter comes In the Dark, a series following a hard-drinking, disaffected and blind twentysomething whose world is rocked when her close friend is murdered. As she is the only "witness" to the crime, and because she's blind and not exactly sober, the police aren't all that interested. And that, friends, is the story of how a blind woman attempts to solve a murder with her guide dog Pretzel.

  • CBS

    The Red Line Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    From Ava DuVernay and Greg Berlanti, The Red Line follows the lives of three Chicago families whose stories of loss and tragedy intersect in the wake of the mistaken shooting of an African American doctor by a white cop. As the stories crisscross and converge, a message of hope appears - it's possible to emerge from tragedy stronger, and it's important to come together with others, not just to survive, but to thrive.

  • ABC

    Single Parents Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    In this new comedy from ABC, dysfunctional single parents lean on each other as they try to raise their kids, look for love and ultimately realize survival is only possible with the help of one another. Leighton Meester stars.

  • CBS

    Murphy Brown Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    Star Candice Bergen and series creator Diane English reunite in this 13-episode revival of the groundbreaking comedy that will find Murphy Brown returning to the airwaves amid a divided nation, chaotic national discourse and rampant attacks on the press. Now back in the game, she is determined to draw the line between good television and honest reporting, proving that the world needs Murphy Brown now more than ever.

  • ABC

    The Rookie Add to Watchlist Added to Watchlist

    The Rookie follows a small-town guy who, after a life-altering incident, is starting over and pursuing his dream of becoming an LAPD officer. As the force's oldest rookie, he's met with skepticism from higher-ups who see him as just a walking midlife crisis. He'll have to prove he can keep up with the young cops and the criminals by using his experience, determination and sense of humor to give him an edge.

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  • CBS

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    This modern take on the classic series ditches the comma. Magnum P.I. stars Jay Hernandez as a decorated former Navy SEAL who, upon returning home from Afghanistan, repurposes his skills to become a private investigator. A charming rogue and an American hero who for some reason is a die-hard Detroit Tigers fan, Magnum has a team of trusted buddies and fellow POW survivors for whenever he needs backup.

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    This uplifting drama follows an outspoken atheist whose life is flipped upside down when he receives a friend request – yes, a friend request – from God and becomes an agent of change in the lives and destinies of others around him. He soon finds himself, with the help of an online journalist, investigating God's friend suggestions and inadvertently helping others in need.

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    A woman's (Nina Dobrev) vision of her perfect life with her adoring fiancé and his wonderful parents is radically altered when her 16-year-old, out-of-control half-sister unexpectedly comes to live with her. As the two families blend, she realizes this new happy fam may be the perfection she's always been seeking.

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